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The Port of London Authority commissioned the Havengore to be built in 1954 as the ports principle survey vessel. Constructed of English oak and teak, she was fully restored between 1997 and 2008. Her proudest moment came in 1965 when watched by over 350 million people worldwide she carried Sir Winston Churchill on his final […]

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Farne Isles in October

   The annual trip to the Farne Isles took place this weekend at Seahouses Northumberland with Sovereign Diving and staying at the Olde School House Guest House. Thanks to everyone who came on the trip I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, a very good weekend with very good company we […]

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Mistral Day 5

Yesterday we dived the barge and Ulysses at Gubal Segrier. Excellent drift on Ulysses and saw the first turtle of the trip. This morning 04:30 startup and move to Rosalie Muller We got to Rosalie and wind got up so only 1 dive was had then off to Thistlegorm for 3 dives. If you want […]

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Mistral day 2

up at 05:30 !!! 2 morning dives on Salem Express and afternoon on El Kahfain. A bit sobering to see the empty davits and a couple of abandoned lifeboats 😕 Crew are excellent ( usual mickey taking and humour, it’s a good job they don’t have custard pies on board ‘coz otherwise it might degenerate […]

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reef diver

Diving 101

Challenge your body—and your sense of adventure—with this hardcore underwater sport What’s more bad ass than Sean Connery in Goldfinger when he emerges from underwater with a duck decoy on his head, pops out his scuba regulator, scales a wall, roughs up a guard, plants some explosives and smoothly pulls off his dive gear to […]

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