P.A.D.I Discover Rebreather Diver Program

Discover Rebreather Experience Dive

The Discover Rebreather experience dive is intended to introduce divers to rebreather diving in a controlled environment. There are several required skills and some optional skills. Most divers will enjoy a less intensive session; spending time swimming in the rebreather and adapting to the differences between OC and rebreathers is the most ben- eficial and enjoyable experience for them. The optional skills are for participant divers who complete the required skills confidently, are comfortable in the rebreather and who express a desire to learn more. These divers are likely to be more experienced divers in general and will benefit from additional technical knowledge and experience. They are also prime candidates for continuing into the PADI Rebreather Diver course or the Tec 40 CCR Diver course, depending upon their training, experience and personal interests

Participant Prerequisites

you must be certified as PADI open water diver or equivalent, aged 18 or over & have at least 15 logged dives

This is a two hour course that involves an academic session on Rebreather Diving (Unless you are already Rebreather certified), pre-dive set up of the Hollis Explorer rebreather unit, and the initial skills from the PADI Rebreather Diver Course. Please note: This course is not a Rebreather Certification,
but may well become the start of your next great Scuba Diving adventure…..


course costs just £50. Book your place now call 01473 715533