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Mistral day 2

up at 05:30 !!! 2 morning dives on Salem Express and afternoon on El Kahfain. A bit sobering to see the empty davits and a couple of abandoned lifeboats ūüėē Crew are excellent ( usual mickey taking and humour, it’s a good job they don’t have custard pies on board ‘coz otherwise it might degenerate […]

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How to Clear a Scuba Mask?

After breathing, there is perhaps no skill more fundamental than mask clearing. While other skills, such as gear assembly, are a requisite part of getting in the water, they technically could be done by someone else (although this is not recommended). Mask clearing, however, is a solo skill, and the inabiility to perform it will […]

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reef diver
Diving 101

Challenge your body‚ÄĒand your sense of adventure‚ÄĒwith this hardcore underwater sport What‚Äôs more bad ass than Sean Connery in Goldfinger when he emerges from underwater with a duck decoy on his head, pops out his scuba regulator, scales a wall, roughs up a guard, plants some explosives and smoothly pulls off his dive gear to […]

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