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This knife was manufactured about 1960 and some called it the ‘stilleto’ overall length of 11 inches with a stainless steel blade one sharp edge and one serrated.

The sheath is die cast aluminium with a black rubber handle. When first purched the price tag was £2 and some pence. But that has not lasted as long as the knife!! Make by ce heinke.

This is one of my favourite knifes, the condition is the best i have seen, it looks as if has never seen water!

Ce heinke again and made about 1920 13 inch long, steel blade one sharp and one serrated, no pitting on blade and still sharp, it has a solid brass handle and sheath.

No idea of the cost when new.

Once a year all my knifes come out for a clean and polish, this one i leave till last, its get the most attention!

Some pictures of the modern scuba knifes, small but will get the job done.