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25 Years With Diveline

25 years !!!!


Yes, it’s that long ago we started as a PADI centre, from 1992 till 1997 the training was carried out at fore street baths and rn hospital school at Holbrook. Myself and John Fletcher teaching a steady stream of students, both came from BSAC as advanced instructors and i was a bsac first class diver.


Lots of humping equipment about and tight on time in the pool. It became clear to me that the way forward for a training centre was to have one’s own pool, no mean task, but this enables us to keep the temperature at a comfortable level over 30 c and the convenience of the students not having to drive to the other end of town in traffic for a one to one and a half hour session.

Having our own pool meant we can have a session as long as we want and come out half way to have a cuppa!


It has proved a great investment; it is in use nearly every day including Sundays.

It is nice to be recognized by PADI and i also get my 25-year instructor reconision bits, a nice momento.


P.S. many pools have to use lots of chemicals in the pools to keep it clear, this is not so good for your eyes, we use an alligator system which cuts down on the amount of chemicals we have to use, so much kinder on the eyes.