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The Port of London Authority commissioned the Havengore to be built in 1954 as the ports principle survey vessel.

Constructed of English oak and teak, she was fully restored between 1997 and 2008.

Her proudest moment came in 1965 when watched by over 350 million people worldwide she carried Sir Winston Churchill on his final journey by water along the Thames.

On the 3rd. June 2012 the Havengore carried members of the royal family as part of Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee celebrations with over 10000. Vessels during the river Thames pageant.

Visit the Havengore web site for some great photos of this historic vessel.

So, what’s it got to do with us!!!

Each year she comes up to Ipswich (Fox’s Marina) for routine maintenance, this involves lifting her out of the water.

That’s when a diving team is needed.

The first time she was lifted out the task of checking the position of the support cradle was given to Europa Diving Services,and I had the task of diving and checking the position of the vessel and the cradle.

It was great to have the opportunity to dive on this lovely old historic vessel.

The pressure was on! She had caused a lot of interest so lots of cameras and a film crew from local television watching every move.

As the task involved lots of swimming along the length of the vessel to check the position of cradle and hull, I chose to dive in the Kirby Morgan band mask, its not too heavy and had good communication with the surface.

After lots of “up a bit” and “down a bit”;  back a bit” all was finally in position so up she gently came.

Out I came to a well-deserved cuppa.


P.S I noted in my logbook visibility none!