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Lanzarote February 2017


A fresh faced group of Diveline divers left Luton early on the Morning of Thursday the 2nd. Of February for a weekend Scuba Diving break on the Island of Lanzarote, after a fairly uneventful flight (I was asleep!). We caught a glimpse of the Canary Islands chain out of the aircrafts windows, the volcanoes dotting the surface of Lanzarote looked amazing from the air, and still fairly impressive from the ground.

Upon landing and after a quick bask in the warm breeze, we met up with Valerie, Larry and some of the Dive team who were to be looking after us during our stay, they wisked us to the Dive Centre to get kitted up for the first Dives. These first dives took place at a nearby site that had lots of interesting stuff for us to find (Swim throughs, walls, caverns and a small wreck).

Rebecca, Rob and Steve started their Open Water dives with Mark Williamson as their Instructor and I started on Alex’s first dives of His Hollis Explorer Rebreather course, whilst those not on courses either assisted or enjoyed some pleasure dives.

After our first two dives we headed back to the Dive Shop to wash our kit ready for the next days adventure, some of us travelled to our apartment to get cleaned up, while those staying in the town found their own places of residence. We all met up for a Pizza night at a Restaurant that had been recommended to us, a great evening was enjoyed by us all, just walking around in the warmth was bliss, compared to the cold and dark of the UK we had left behind.

Day two had us doing three more dives with Rob, Steve and Rebecca finishing their Open water courses, and moving on to start their Advanced Open Water courses and Alex and I carrying on from Rebreather into the realms of Advanced Rebreather. We saw the most enormous Stingrays on these dives, one moment that I will not forget was when Alex was performing His rebreather Hover skill, and this, easily six foot long without it’s tail! Stingray slowly cruised past just behind Him, the lack of noise or bubbles produced by the Rebreathers probably made the Stingray comfortable enough to spend some quality time with us, as He was in no hurry to leave. The day was followed by more Pizza in the evening with some local shots that the Restaurant owner was gracious enough to let us sample, and a couple of Beers.

Day three gave us two beautiful morning dives where we were treated by Seahorses, Octopus and Cuttle fishes, and then a trip across the Island to dive the Museo Atlantico in the afternoon, it is incredible just how barren the landscape is on the journey, either side of the road is an enormous expanse of ancient lava flow, it is really easy to imagine that you are travelling across another World.




Unfortunately the visibility was a bit poor on the Museo dive as there was a bit of a swell round the Island, one benefit to this though was a huge congregation of fish in the bay where the statues are, which gave some amazing moments swimming between statues teeming with fish life! On our return the guides that had been left to their own devices at the dive centre, showed us some video that they had just shot, they were out playing silly buggers with DPV’s when they had come across a congregation of Angel Sharks in the shallows, there were at least 20 of them all piled up in and on the sand.



Day four started very early with a dawn dive, the goal was to hit the water before the Sun had a chance to wake up, and then the last dive of the trip was a bit of a gamble, as we tried to recreate the dive that the guides had had the day before, to a certain degree they managed to recreate their dive for us, only missing one vital ingredient, no Angel Sharks! Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Just goes to prove, Diving is not a wander around a Zoo, it is Real world! We are very fortunate to see the cool stuff, when we are lucky enough to see the cool stuff!



Once diving is done and everything was packed up, it was everyone back to the apartment for a Barbeque and pool party! Congratulations to Rob Storey, Rebecca Hill and Steve Thorogood for completing their Open water and Advanced Open water courses, also Congratulations to Alex Abelman for completing His Hollis Explorer Rebreather and Advanced Rebreather courses, and well done Richard Gibbs, for completing His snorkel test at the BBQ Party.




Sightings of the trip included, but not limited to, Cuttle Fish (Hunting and Hiding), Seahorses, Shoals of Southern Sennets, Huge Atlantic Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Peacock Flounders, Angel Sharks, Nudibranchs, Sea Slugs, Sergeant Majors, Parrotfish, Burrfish, Squid, Octopus, etc. etc.